Life at the Parents…the Intro Post.

Life at the Parents.Daughter, Sister, Mother.

Each of these are a wonderful part of life, but when you mix each of these stages into one…it can get a bit overwhelming.

Holla at me if you’ve been here…are here. A single parent living at home.

As much as this can be a wonderful situation. It can also be incredibly stressful. When I found out I was pregnant, I had no question in my mind that I would move back in with my parents. I was living in North Carolina, teaching 4th grade when I found out life was about to change forever.

My family, and at the time…the other half of this new life…were living in PA. I finished my school year and moved back to PA.

Around the same time, the other half…well in a but shell, get out…and thats the last I will mention that….I was now 7 months pregnant living in my childhood home…alone. I of course was not alone…I was with my wonderful parents and caring siblings.

When little J was born in Early August 2013, we were all in awe. He was not just mine, he was ours…all of ours.

My sister once called him “our baby”.

In the months that followed I began to see that this was going to be the best and worst decision I have ever made…moving back home I mean. When 5 adults are trying to raise a child, with varying ideas on how that should go it can get stressful….very stressful.

From the time J was very little there were many differing ideas on how he was best to be raised….I am only his mother…what say did I have.

My stressors began very early on when the male counterpart of my parents developed a rash all over his arms.

He did not go to the Dr. right away, it look his screaming, brand new mother of a daughter, to get him to go. It’s not like there was a 1 week old baby in the house. After the male finally went to Dr. he was given some cream and told to cover his arms since the cream give could cause neurological damage to the newborn…there were many times I almost left during this experience.

It look many many many fights, to get the male to cover his d*** arms! Newborn…neurological damage….it should have been an easy fix.

This was only the beginning of the stressors that would make the next few years, wonderful yet the most stressful years of my life!

Stay Tuned…