“The One”


sweet heartOn September 29th 2018, I went on a date. By October 1…I knew I had met my person.

“The One”. What does this mean? I never knew until I had met them for myself. I have been a single mom for over 5 years. I had dated very little…as I needed to focus on my son.

So I feel very lucky I was able to meet this man, that slid into our life as though he was meant be there. When we met and began our relationship, I quickly realized what “the one” meant. It means you have met a person to fill your personal voids, areas of your own life that have never felt complete, it means you have a confidant, a best friend, a person who can lift you up in a way no one else ever could.

I had a plan, a plan for us to date for several months before he met my son, before he became a part of his life. Well when Halloween rolled around, and we had our annual pizza party, I figured he could pop over and inconspicuously meet “the child”. There would be several friends and their children in attendance, what was one more person.

Of course he (“the one” ) showed up early, and was able to assist with a costume malfunction of ” the child”. That was it. In these next few moments of interaction I knew the two of them had hit it off. SO much earlier than I would have ever planned on…but when does life ever go according to our plans?

The next few weeks followed slow, short occurrences that the “the child”, “the one” and the family had times together, and soon it became the three of us. We knew ( the adults) that this was something wonderful.

Something that neither of us had planned on happening so quickly, but it did.

And we never looked back.

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