Why we Love “Think Baby” and Why You Will Too!


Sunscreen. It seems like a pretty straight forward idea. A sheen to protect your skin from the sun. But that’s not all there is to it.

There are a number of elements that go into the best sun protector out there! I have been using Blue Lizard on my son for years!

I had done a lot of reach on the product, however apparently there were some things I missed. Blue Lizard contains oxybenzone, which can effect and disrupt hormones!

Not something I want to even potentially expose my little one too.

After checking out the EWG’s list of best protective sunscreens and sun blocks I have found a sun screen I love! “Think Baby”!

I have some fellow “hippy mama” (as my ‘S.O.’ likes to call them) friends that have used “Think Baby”. It is an amazing product that is not only CLEAN but environmentally friendly!

“Think Baby” is 20% zinc oxide, which is an amazing mineral for sun protection. Zinc Oxide blocks the skin from absorbing harmful rays! It is a natural product with no chemical based ingredients.

It’s adult brother “Think Sport” is also a wonderful product with the same ingredient makeup that is safe for skin and for the environment! I don’t know about you, but thats a product I like!

Check out the EWG for the full list of awesome sunscreens as well as those that may not make the awesome cut!


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