Organic for the Poor! 5 Steps to Staying in Budget!

Fresh and OrganicWhen I was in my mid 20’s I had a raw food phase. I only ate things that came from the ground. This phase did not last very long, but it did open my eyes to pay attention to what kinds of produce I am putting in my body, how that produce is grown and why buying local is so important! It also opened my eyes to see how Expensive it is to buy the “good” produce. I love for my family to eat as Natural and Unprocessed as we can! But it can get so expensive! A bushel of Organic Avocados is typically about $5-$6! When I have to buy produce I always try to pick organic…but sometimes the wallet does not allow for that. I have learned some tips and tricks along the way to make organic and natural purchases reachable for those of us who are stretching our dollars in any way we can! The 5 tips I listed are all from personal experience! It took me way to long to figure out how to save and still buy healthy food for my family…If i’m honest…it’s still a work in progress!

1. Not everything needs to be Organic!

A friend told me to check out the EWGs lists for foods that are deemed “clean and dirty” check out this link to the EWGS’  Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen!

This list is so helpful when buying produce. There is so much to have to worry about these days. Having a list like this takes some of the pressure of “should I really buy this in organic”?

This was a struggle with me for a long time, as I had in my head organic was the only produce I should buy! But once my family grew…I knew I had to get more realistic, it was time to use the “list”. And it has saved us tremendously!

2. Buy Local

Local produce is the way to go. It is not only helping your local farmers but it is also giving your body the best nutrients it can receive!

3. Discount Grocery Stores

Aldi and Discount Grocery Outlet are just two of the multitude of options out there to buy organic and natural products. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to buy healthy natural products for your family!

4. Meal Planning

A Savior in our house! Meal planning…and sticking to the plan…allows for healthy, delicious meals and SAVES you big. It is a huge saver as you know exactly what to buy for your meals and you do not have to buy products that will get wasted!

5. Actually looking at Local Grocery Store Ads!

I need to do better at this one myself! There are so many ads and coupons in newspapers, online, in emails…actually look at them and use them! It can save you big!

Summer Daze. Enjoying the small moments.

Fresh and Organic (1)

Summer. There is just something magical about the word. Something in the way that it is said that just brings warmth. We love summer days. I am so fortunate to get to be home with the kiddo over the summer months (teacher life!)

But I feel like the last few years I have not taken full advantage of the summer with my beautiful baby. I have allowed myself to be overwhelmed with the craziness of life. But I am vowing that this summer will be different.

We will be taking advantage of everything that summer has to offer.


Morning Cuddles

Coffee with the Sunrise

Strawberry Picking

Long Walks in the Woods

Grilling on the Deck


Beach Trips


and Love.



“The One”


sweet heartOn September 29th 2018, I went on a date. By October 1…I knew I had met my person.

“The One”. What does this mean? I never knew until I had met them for myself. I have been a single mom for over 5 years. I had dated very little…as I needed to focus on my son.

So I feel very lucky I was able to meet this man, that slid into our life as though he was meant be there. When we met and began our relationship, I quickly realized what “the one” meant. It means you have met a person to fill your personal voids, areas of your own life that have never felt complete, it means you have a confidant, a best friend, a person who can lift you up in a way no one else ever could.

I had a plan, a plan for us to date for several months before he met my son, before he became a part of his life. Well when Halloween rolled around, and we had our annual pizza party, I figured he could pop over and inconspicuously meet “the child”. There would be several friends and their children in attendance, what was one more person.

Of course he (“the one” ) showed up early, and was able to assist with a costume malfunction of ” the child”. That was it. In these next few moments of interaction I knew the two of them had hit it off. SO much earlier than I would have ever planned on…but when does life ever go according to our plans?

The next few weeks followed slow, short occurrences that the “the child”, “the one” and the family had times together, and soon it became the three of us. We knew ( the adults) that this was something wonderful.

Something that neither of us had planned on happening so quickly, but it did.

And we never looked back.

Why we Love “Think Baby” and Why You Will Too!


Sunscreen. It seems like a pretty straight forward idea. A sheen to protect your skin from the sun. But that’s not all there is to it.

There are a number of elements that go into the best sun protector out there! I have been using Blue Lizard on my son for years!

I had done a lot of reach on the product, however apparently there were some things I missed. Blue Lizard contains oxybenzone, which can effect and disrupt hormones!

Not something I want to even potentially expose my little one too.

After checking out the EWG’s list of best protective sunscreens and sun blocks I have found a sun screen I love! “Think Baby”!

I have some fellow “hippy mama” (as my ‘S.O.’ likes to call them) friends that have used “Think Baby”. It is an amazing product that is not only CLEAN but environmentally friendly!

“Think Baby” is 20% zinc oxide, which is an amazing mineral for sun protection. Zinc Oxide blocks the skin from absorbing harmful rays! It is a natural product with no chemical based ingredients.

It’s adult brother “Think Sport” is also a wonderful product with the same ingredient makeup that is safe for skin and for the environment! I don’t know about you, but thats a product I like!

Check out the EWG for the full list of awesome sunscreens as well as those that may not make the awesome cut!