Organic…Making my Crazy Child Less Crazy!

Organic (1)


One of my high school classes discusses additives in foods.

I like them to know what they are eating. This year I had my students do a research project to dig a little deeper on these said additives. Some of the info they found really struck me.

I know that many of the foods we eat have negatives additives in them….as a mom of a very high active child…I was interred by the number of ingredients that cause hyperactivity in children.

MY CHILD IS HYPERACTIVE….he may not be diagnosed by as a teacher and parent…I know he is much more active than the other children his age.

I began to immediately think of things I need to cut from his diet…and began to think how important it is to eat natural and organic products.

I know, I know…some of them it is not necessary…HOWEVER…there is deep research out there to prove that there is indeed a connection to the additives in our foods and our heath and behaviors.

It is crazy to think that we don’t know what we are giving to our children and how it is really affecting them!

Check Back Next Week For A Detail List on How Additives Affect our Kids!


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