Why too many Hats?

Blogging. For years I’ve heard about the idea of blogging. Putting your thoughts into cyberspace to share with the world. Who would want to read about my thoughts? My crazy overwhelming thoughts. Then last year I had a huge life change. I made a decision, that would finally, after years of waiting, set the next step of my life into motion. I found myself a single mom, living at my childhood home, with a beautiful child of my own. And I began to think of all of the other single mothers out there, who I could relate to. All the daughters living with their families, all the teachers educating our future. It was then I started to think of blogging. Sharing my story, my thoughts, my hardships, and my joy with others. To share in the wonderful world of motherhood, to share with mommies who are doing it all on their own, or mommies who have the best hubby out there but can still relate to the craziness that is motherhood. To someone who maybe isn’t a mommy yet and still lives with their family, in order to get to that next step in their lives. To someone who had made it out into the world and just has way too much going on with motherhood far from their horizon. Motherhood is crazy and overwhelming, as is life. It’s full of tears and joy, so much joy you just want to burst. So I decided why not share. Share my craziness as a mommy, living at home as as daughter, teaching my students, coaching my girls,all while trying to put this crazy life in order. So this blog, will tell stories and share ideas. Ideas on how to make some of those stories a little less crazy. Because finding happiness and joy in all the crazy is what this life is truly about.

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